Emil Sitka ~

The Fourth Stooge

        "The most important actor in most Stooges films, besides the Stooges themselves, was the sharp-nosed, wide-eyed Emil Sitka... His presence was such a mainstay of the operation that many thought of him as an undeclared 'fourth Stooge.'"

                                       -Moe Feinberg, Larry Fine's brother

                                         Larry The Stooge In the Middle



To communicate with friends and fans of Emil Sitka, share information about his life and career, preserve the cultural heritage of the Hollywood productions in which he participated, and promote his legacy as The Fourth Stooge.

EmilSitka.com is an on-line informational resource serving the mission of the Emil Sitka Fan Club.

EmilSitka.com - Biography

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Emil Sitka as he appeared in June 1936,
after coming to Los Angeles, California.
          Having saved some money, Emil left Pennsylvania once again, this time alone and determined to settle in Los Angeles and to find acting work. Emil admired the great screen stars of the era, and he dreamed that he too would someday get to act in a Hollywood movie.
          Arriving in Los Angeles in June 1936, Emil took odd jobs and lived very meagerly. He found a room available in one of the "little theaters" that put on live plays and arranged to do stage construction to pay his rent. He was offered small roles at first in the theater's productions, but as he gained experience, confidence, and skill, the roles got bigger and better.
          After several years, Emil was not only getting prominent roles, he was also directing the plays.

Left, a program for the play "Lovable Justice" dated Oct. 19, 1936, one of Emil's first performances after moving to Los Angeles, California.
This picture from Emil Sitka's 1936 Photo Album depicts the stage
 and cast of a typical Hollywood "little theater" production. That's
 Emil in the middle with the hat in a play called "Lovable Justice."

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