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The Fourth Stooge

        "The most important actor in most Stooges films, besides the Stooges themselves, was the sharp-nosed, wide-eyed Emil Sitka... His presence was such a mainstay of the operation that many thought of him as an undeclared 'fourth Stooge.'"

                                       -Moe Feinberg, Larry Fine's brother

                                         Larry The Stooge In the Middle



To communicate with friends and fans of Emil Sitka, share information about his life and career, preserve the cultural heritage of the Hollywood productions in which he participated, and promote his legacy as The Fourth Stooge.

EmilSitka.com is an on-line informational resource serving the mission of the Emil Sitka Fan Club.

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November 30 2013

Emil Sitka will appear in one of the films scheduled to appear November 30, 2013, at the Alex Theater in Glendale, California. Along with several other Stooge shorts, BRIDELESS GROOM (1947) is on the play list. This is the one where Emil says, "Hold hands, you lovebirds!" before getting clobbered by the fighting brides. From the Alex Film Society website:

Alex Film Society presents, at Glendale's Alex Theater, programs of classic feature films, cartoons, newsreels and short subjects together with guest appearances by notable personalities. Our mission is to entertain and educate the audience while demonstrating to film owners that there is a market for classic films and the financial risks involved in film preservation are worthwhile.

Our goal is to present the best possible prints so patrons can enjoy films in the manner for which they were intended. At the same time the Society must pay the expenses associated with our programs and strengthen our ability to maintain and upgrade the film capabilities of the Alex.

For more info about the Stooge Film event, please visit:



September 11, 2013 - Hollywood, California
Emil Sitka appeared on the big screen in 3-D when the Columbia Pictures short subject DOWN THE HATCH (1953) was shown during the third 3-D Film Expo that took place in Hollywood for two weeks starting September 6. Visit http://3-dfilmexpo.com/ for more information about the event. I took the day off work so I could watch it. After all, I don't get to see my father up on the silver screen in 3-D very often. And it was great!

November 24, 2012 - Glendale, CA
Alex Film Society Presents THREE STOOGES BIG SCREEN EVENT! at the historic Alex Theatre with a presentation by renowned Three Stooges expert Jim Pauley. I was reminded how much more fun the Three Stooges can be when you see them in a theater with an appreciative audience. I made the 8 PM show and enjoyed every second of it. If you're a Stooge fan and live close enough to Southern California, you should try to make it to this annual event. This year was special because of Jim Pauley's presentation, but it's bound to be a great time every year!
August 2012
Look who my son and I bumped into at the local county fair recently!

April 28 and 29, 2012
Three Stooges Fan Club Meeting 2012 Always a very enjoyable event, and unlike any other! Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year but I've attended many times and it's always been fun, interesting and memorable. It's in the Philadelphia area in late April every year, and ever if you can make it you should go. You won't forget it!

April 13, 2012 An article in The New York Times titled Even the Three Stooges Needed Second Fiddles (A version of this article appeared in print on April 14, 2012, on page C1 of the New York edition with the headline: Even the Three Stooges Needed Second Fiddles.) The article mentions a number of "regular" Stooge co-stars, including Emil Sitka as well as his nickname The Fourth Stooge!

April 13, 2012 The new THE THREE STOOGES movie was released. I saw it recently and laughed!

December 2011 The Three Stooges edition of "COMICS" by Jaymes Reed I received a copy and it looks very good. The artwork is nice and the information concise.

August 8, 2011  Radio Once More internet radio interview by Andrew Fielding

February 10, 2011
  Los Angeles Times Crossword Puzzle

February 10, 2010  Three Stooges Film Locations - Then and Now with Jim Pauley


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