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The Fourth Stooge

        "The most important actor in most Stooges films, besides the Stooges themselves, was the sharp-nosed, wide-eyed Emil Sitka... His presence was such a mainstay of the operation that many thought of him as an undeclared 'fourth Stooge.'"

                                       -Moe Feinberg, Larry Fine's brother

                                         Larry The Stooge In the Middle



To communicate with friends and fans of Emil Sitka, share information about his life and career, preserve the cultural heritage of the Hollywood productions in which he participated, and promote his legacy as The Fourth Stooge.

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April 2012



Starring Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos
          I went to see the movie while on vacation recently. I laughed and had a good time, and who could ask for more? It was fun if you enjoy that sort of thing, and I do.
          But does it impact the history of the legendary Three Stooges in any significant way? I don't think so. I don't think I'll need to rewrite anything here on EmilSitka.com to accommodate it, primarily because while this is intended to be a new Stooge movie, it's really an homage to the Stooges. The story is not biographical, but these actors are no more The Three Stooges than Paul Ben-Victor, Evan Handler and Michael Chiklis were for the biopic The Three Stooges (2000). Give the three actors a lot of credit for a job well done but keep in mind they're actors and not Larry, Moe and Curly.
          So my recommendation is, yes, go see it, and you'll probably laugh too. Just don't expect the resurrection of the Legend.