Emil Sitka ~

The Fourth Stooge

        "The most important actor in most Stooges films, besides the Stooges themselves, was the sharp-nosed, wide-eyed Emil Sitka... His presence was such a mainstay of the operation that many thought of him as an undeclared 'fourth Stooge.'"

                                       -Moe Feinberg, Larry Fine's brother

                                         Larry The Stooge In the Middle



To communicate with the many friends and fans of Emil Sitka, to share information about his life and career, to preserve the cultural heritage of the Hollywood productions he participated in, and to sustain his legacy as The Fourth Stooge.

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Emil Sitka's List of Plays

"On the legitimate stage," as Emil would say. This section is under construction.

Passion Play

Biblical Character
Why the Chimes Rang, straight

Magdalene of the Cross, Biblical character

Jobless March on Washington, character (Polish)

Everybody's Crooked, character (Oriental)

Lovable Justice

Comedy, rural
S-3658, Hillbilly character lead

His First Wife, Comic

Lady Bum, Comic

Clouds Over Eden, Young comic

The Last Straw, German character lead

One Way Street, Gangster heavy

On the Cuff, Comedy lead

Young Annanias, Heavy

Conscience, character heavy (Oriental)

Knockout, Old character lead

Better Mousetrap, Comedy lead

Once a Thief, Character lead

Pretty Soft, Character lead

Fadeaway Smith, Comedy Character lead

Youth Dictates, Comedy lead

How'm I Doin', Comedy lead

Smart Guys, Character lead

Sugar Baby, Character

Leave It To Smith, Comedy lead

Monty Be Careful, Comedy lead (Irish)

Depression Island, Comedy lead

Sally, Straight lead

Who Done It, Comedy lead (Irish)

Suicide's Murder, Comedy lead

He Ain't Done Right By Nell, Heavy

Second Story Man, Heavy

Anna Christie, Character (Swedish)

Water, Character

Counsellor At Law, Character (Irish)

They Did It Then, Character comedy lead

Allergic To Love, Comedy Lead

The Viper's Fang or The Virgin's Dilemma

by Symona Boniface

"Jasper, the maniacal dentist and slave to the Viper"

Where's The Body?, Comedy

Gramma Spittoon, Comedy (female)

The Boor, Lead and character

Trial of Mary Dugan, Character

Marry Me, Darling, Character (English)

The Derelicts, Character (Russian)

Roadside, Character lead

The Lower Depths, Character (Russian)

Time of Your Life, Character

Pardon My Claws, Comedy lead